CL Duplicate Remover

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Clean Contact Duplicates. Clean duplicated addresses and phone number fields! Clean Calendar, Tasks and Notes!

CL Duplicate Remover

What is CL Duplicate Remover

CL Duplicate Remover is a helpful tool to Dedupliate Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes across many different databases.

  • Remove Duplicate Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes!
  • Deduplicate Fields within a single Contacts like Duplicate Addresses!
  • Clean Junk History Records from Act!
  • Individually compare duplicate records!
  • Free to try!

Get a detailed report of the Duplicates before you decide.


  • Compare:
    Compare Exact and Similar Matches.
  • Clean:
    Clean duplicate fields within a single contact.
  • Dedupe:
    Run the Dedupe to clean up your records.


  • Detail View:
    Compare each record to see what fields are duplicated.
  • Easy to use:
    Simple interface that handles complex topics.
  • Full Control:
    Dedupe just the exact matches or merge records.


  • Affordable:
    No subscription or ongoing cost. One Time Purhcase.
  • Transparent:
    Only Dedupe what you want.
  • Cheap:
    Low pricing on credit purchases. $10 will buy you days of chat.


  • Outlook
  • Exchange
  • Goldine
  • Act!
  • Act! Cloud
  • Google
  • Many More!